Refine your style and reflect your values with comfortable,
effortless garments that never lose their allure.

In the age of immediacy, it’s easy to overlook the value of longevity. But a better
future depends on it. That’s why our experienced stylists and master makers
dedicate their talents to handcrafting timeless pieces that outlive trends and were
made to be worn for a lifetime (and lifetimes after).




Our Refashion line lets you walk the walk when it comes to your commitment to sustainability. Send us your favorite pair of worn-out sneakers (all brands are welcome) and our expert designers will give them a new life, crafting a one-of-a-kind pair of trainers that retain your memories, uphold your morals, and represent a new standard in ethical fashion.
Looking for something new new? We’ve also created a collection of socially- and environmentally-responsible ready-to-use sneakers that tread lightly on our planet. Our sustainable sneaker line takes cues from traditional craftsmanship, offering resoleable footwear that’s meant to be repaired, restored, and reworn—so you can walk confidently into a cleaner, more equitable future knowing you’ve done your part to help create it.


The indescribable pleasure of a perfectly-worn cotton t-shirt. The familiarity of your favorite crewneck from college. The comfort of the old sport coat passed down by your father. There is great meaning in the items we surround  ourselves with.

That’s why we’ve created a collection of thoughtful, timeless pieces that feel like home wherever you wear them. From soft tees that never go out of style to vintage denim your daughter will beg to borrow and recycled wool coats that feel as if they’ve always lived alongside you, our sustainable apparel line will please your palate as well as your soul.

Plus, like our sneakers, we include a return label with each apparel purchase so you can send your garments back to be repaired, restored, or recycled when the time comes.