We all have our part to play in creating a better future.
But first we must commit to care.

We’re dedicated to protecting our natural world by only using ethically-sourced, sustainable materials, minimizing waste, and taking predetermined steps to offset any emissions generated during the production and dissemination of our products.

We also make simple, meaningful steps—like sending your beloved pieces back to be responsibly repaired, refashioned, or recycled—an easy, accessible choice by including a return label with every purchase.

Plus, we work exclusively with suppliers who are compliant with environmental and labour regulations, we keep our supply chain short to avoid overstock, and we enact a  “zero trash” policy that upholds our Benefit Corporation status.

Want to join us in our mission to alter the fabric of the fashion industry? Learn more about our sustainability efforts below, and surround yourself with pieces you can feel good about.


Every component of each item in our collection can be traced to a maker, supplier, or subcontractor within a 300-mile range in Italy. By keeping our supply chain short, we avoid high-emission transportation and we get to work with people we know and love.


Waste not, want not. Each item in our collection, as well as the packaging it arrives in, is constructed using sustainable, recycled (and recyclable) materials of the highest quality, and we offer repair and refurbishing services on all products. Plus, we carefully monitor our inventory levels to avoid overstock and further minimize waste.


We partner with Treedom, an online platform that plants trees to aid in reforestation and preservation efforts, to counterbalance any emissions generated on your item’s trip from our hands to your home and back.


By slowing fashion down, we allow for a deeper evaluation of the impact our products have on our environment.

That’s why, when we create a new garment, we consider each stage of the piece’s life—from beginning to end—to ensure we’re as gentle on our planet (and people) as possible.
Whether you need your favorite denim refurbished, want your old coat refashioned for its new owner, or its time for your well-worn sneakers to be disassembled and responsibly recycled, we’ll do it all with care.



We created the RforPeople Sustainability Pledge to guide our work according to the very philosophy that inspired our brand. Through this pledge, we have committed to only using materials that are highly responsible, sustainable, and ethical.

Type 1: Certified GRS (or other independent agency certification standard) recycled and/or circular materials such as wool, cotton and denim (minimum recycled content 60%).

Type 2: Upcycled or production-generated materials from workshops in the County of Tuscany that would otherwise become waste (mainly parts of leather hides).

Type 3: Repurposed (second-production) materials donated by other fashion brands or sourced by public or private organizations that are actively engaged in repurposing materials (such as Astri and Aspri, within the County of Tuscany).

Type 4: Sustainable materials that have a certifiably low environmental impact and high quality to ensure longevity and avoid waste. For example, we work with the Leather Working Group, a network of certified Italian tanneries, which guarantees that premium raw hides are sourced from deforest-free zones using ethical farming practices to create leather goods that last a lifetime.

  PACKAGING  (cradle to cradle!)

Repurposed second-production.
Cloth bags.
Certified Recycled cardboard boxes.
Certified Recycled paper product tags.
Certified Recycled tissue paper.
Repurposed second-production shopping bags.
Certified Recycled paper tape and tags.