ReFashioned Sneakers


When we ReFashion your trainers they will be fully disassembled, the upper sanitised, the laces and insoles replaced, the lining patched if needed, re-lasted on our sneakers last and, finally, stitched on our EVA Rubber sole. What you receive back is a one of a kind pair of sneakers that will walk with you and carry along your stories, memories and showcase your values as a modern and aware consumer. 

Send us your lovingly worn-out sneakers (all brands are welcome) and our masterful designers will give them a new life, resoling and refurbishing your footwear to expertly craft one-of-a-kind trainers that retain your memories, uphold your morals, and represent a new standard in ethical fashion. We only charge for a one of the two legs of shipping.

Facts: ReFashioned in Tuscany, Italy.

Components100% Recycled Cotton laces, Zero Environmental Impact EVA Rubber sole, Sugar Cane and Eco leather insole.

Packaging: Ethically produced, up-cycled Organic Cotton Dust Bags, Recycled Cardboard signature box, Recycled Tissue paper.

Carbon Offset via RforPeople Global Forest managed by